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Enviah is the premium translator and visualizer of systems using design language to translate analytic-based vision to owners and architects to assure optimal performance. As a strategic business consultancy, our team facilitates measurable returns on investment, including improved patient experience, increased staff satisfaction, and reduced operating costs. We’re committed to boosting the bottom-line health of your organization so you can focus on improving the health of your patients.

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has increased by as much as 25%


has improved by as much as 41%


has increased by as much as 14%

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has grown by as much as 300%

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Our Work

Thanks to Enviah, Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital serves 3,000 more patients each year, and patient satisfaction is projected to increase by 11%.

Dow Health Services Headquarters worked with Enviah to improve productivity by 15%, thereby increasing patient satisfaction by 25%.

Enviah helped North Ottawa Community Health increase the productivity of its emergency department by 41% and bring its capacity up by 46%.

Hospital Leaders Are Saying

Enviah is a national leader in research and developing ways to align built environments with both the metrics of human thriving and organizational success. Our insights into the intersection of architecture, health, and organizational dynamics are helping to form an emerging consensus that we need a new process and metrics to drive environmental design in the healthcare industry.

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Rebuild your Environment Focused on Health

Enviah has seen a massive shift occurring in the needs of officing space during the pandemic and as we return to work. What was once standard practice is no longer. Leveraging this moment to rebuild our cultures and rebuild an environment focused on the people that make each company what it is. Gone are the days of assigned workspaces or “achieving the corner office”.

Instead, the future of work will be focused on human health and the employee. The environments where work occurs, be it in office, virtually, at home, or in community spaces, will be designed to meet those needs, rather than expecting employees to find ways to fit in a space. Humanistic design will be paramount and will have tangible effects on an organizations’ bottom line. The environment is a tool; both the built environment as well as nature. Business leaders don’t often recognize how much the environment can influence behaviors and activities. It can be a barrier. If we don’t use that environment to support and evolve an organization, and really be aligned to what your vision is, it will continue to hinder you from ever achieving your optimal potential. The need for in-person office space is no longer needed in mass amounts as we had in the past.

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Two professionals walking and talking with caption on the left reading: "Four Steps to make your walking meeting successful".

Walking Meetings: Discover your new meeting environment

The Covid-19 pandemic has made us all rethink where we do our work.

Our “office” is now anywhere and everywhere. It’s undeniable – there are many benefits to working remotely when it comes to cost and productivity. While working remotely can be beneficial in many ways, there are also some notable downsides, such as the ability to communicate effectively and maintain professional relationships.  

Creating scheduled communication is very important. Being physically isolated, and having the perception of being isolated, can lead to mental health issues, impacting emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing. The practice of daily/weekly pulse meetings at work can be a check-in point. According to a study compiled in August 2020, professionals working during an epidemic/pandemic are at a greater risk of developing mental health issues. It is stated that some mental health issues brought on by the pandemic could last up to three years (Stuijfzand et al., 2020). It is important to remember while mental health requires long-term engagement for repair and wholeness, companies and organizations need to recognize the need to integrate mental health support into all aspects of their work to assure staff members are still connected to the organization and an important member of the team. 

But what happens when you or your team feels isolated or disconnected, and virtual engagement activities just aren’t cutting it?  

“Reports indicate that 80% of the world’s population felt their mental health had been affected in 2020 because of the pandemic,” said Dr. MacAllister. “It is clear that it is a significant issue, and that positive relationships are crucial, but how can we safely engage?” 

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International Women’s Day 2021: Women in leadership

As our team brainstormed how to celebrate International Women’s Day this year, we could not help but feel an enormous amount of gratitude for the inspirational women leaders we have worked with over the past year. No matter the size of your organization, or where you reside in the world, we can transform the world if we join the conversation and lift up the women who inspire us.  

The United Nation’s theme for International Women’s Day this year of “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.” 

Following this theme and to celebrate International Women’s Day, we feel it is important to share the successes of other women and spotlight women who have inspired us and others to transform. Today, we provide a channel to spotlight these women, and invite everyone to join the conversation to talk about those who have inspired you! 

Follow along on our social media today to celebrate leaders from Metro HealthDominican SistersHenry Ford Macomb HospitalCovenant HealthCareBronson HealthCare, and Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, and be sure to comment on our blog or social media about a time you were inspired by women to celebrate International Women’s Day.

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