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Enviah adds value by aligning systems and environments to elevate the human experience for patients, staff and stakeholders. We integrate architecture, management science, design and wellness. We find and remove hidden barriers to operational success, increase satisfaction and drive profitability.

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How We're Changing Healthcare


Patient Satisfaction

has increased by as much as 25%


has improved by as much as 41%


has increased by as much as 14%

Revenue Generating Space

has grown by as much as 300%

Who We Are

Enviah is a group of industry-leading consultants who help organizations stay ahead of the curve. Our services empower clients to build and operate healthcare spaces that will succeed and thrive in the marketplace of today and tomorrow.

Our Work

Thanks to Enviah, Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital serves 3,000 more patients each year, and patient satisfaction is projected to increase by 11%.

Dow Health Services Headquarters worked with Enviah to improve productivity by 15%, thereby increasing patient satisfaction by 25%.

Enviah helped North Ottawa Community Health increase the productivity of its emergency department by 41% and bring its capacity up by 46%.

Hospital Leaders Are Saying

“Enviah helped make our facility more flexible, convenient, and patient-friendly.”

– Kent Riddle, CEO, Mary Free Bed

“Enviah has re-energized our employees and our space.”

– Catherine Baase, MD, CNO, The Dow Chemical Company

Enviah in the News

Set your space up for success in 2021

Set your space up for success in 2021:  Make your home office a healing space

Over the past year, we have all spent a lot more time in our homes. As we have all learned, your environment plays a large part in your health and wellbeing and should be a primary focus in our everyday life. Now more than ever, it is vital to make sure your space works for you. As most of us also have to live out our professional lives at home, it is important to ensure your home office is equally functional so that both your home and work lives can thrive 

Dr. Lorissa MacAllister partnered with Dr. Wayne Jonas to share the research evidence of how you can make your living environment a healing space in May of last year. You can read the full piece now on Psychology Today, or keep reading this blog post for the highlights, and learn about actionable steps you can take today. 

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2020 Year in Review

Entering 2021, we want to celebrate our accomplishments and express our gratitude for our wonderful clients.

In spite of the challenges presented last year, our team has continued to exceed expectations working with clients and advancing the field.

The Enviah team wants to thank you for being a part of our community and invites you to review our successes in 2020 thanks to your support.


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Heroes without capes: Giving back to healthcare workers.

As we continue to confront an unprecedented crisis, the frontline workers of the world have continued to help others day in and day out.

The Enviah team wanted to thank the HealthCare Heroes that have made such a significant difference this year. We provided some holiday treats and healthy snacks to show our appreciation to our partners at Covenant HealthCare, Bronson HealthCare, Mercy Health St. Mary’s, and Metro Health | University of Michigan Health.

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