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Enviah is the premium translator and visualizer of systems using design language to translate analytic-based vision to owners and architects to assure optimal performance. As a strategic business consultancy, our team facilitates measurable returns on investment, including improved patient experience, increased staff satisfaction, and reduced operating costs. We’re committed to boosting the bottom-line health of your organization so you can focus on improving the health of your patients.

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Patient Satisfaction

has increased by as much as 25%


has improved by as much as 41%


has increased by as much as 14%

Revenue Generating Space

has grown by as much as 300%

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Our Work

Thanks to Enviah, Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital serves 3,000 more patients each year, and patient satisfaction is projected to increase by 11%.

Dow Health Services Headquarters worked with Enviah to improve productivity by 15%, thereby increasing patient satisfaction by 25%.

Enviah helped North Ottawa Community Health increase the productivity of its emergency department by 41% and bring its capacity up by 46%.

Hospital Leaders Are Saying

Enviah is a national leader in research and developing ways to align built environments with both the metrics of human thriving and organizational success. Our insights into the intersection of architecture, health, and organizational dynamics are helping to form an emerging consensus that we need a new process and metrics to drive environmental design in the healthcare industry.

Enviah in the News

Facebook Live with Dr. Wayne Jonas: Fixing Social Isolation at Work

As COVID-19 begins to finally wind down, we all might be feeling a bit strange getting back to work in the real world. Many of us worked from home for over a year with minimal interaction with others outside of our household, which has taken a toll on how we connect. Social isolation can affect all areas of our lives, especially our work.

Because isolation can have lasting effects on your psyche and health, Dr. Lorissa MacAllister and Dr. Wayne Jonas got together to discuss why this is an issue, and how you can help fix it.

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Stock photo of caretaker and elderly man focused on hands

Active, Healthy Lifestyles in Aging Population: Design the Ideal Environment

Finding a living community for an aging loved one can be stressful. Ultimately, family members want to find a residence that will provide a safe and clean environment where they can continue to live happy and healthy lives. But when we say “healthy”, what do we mean exactly? When one thinks of their health, it is often viewed through the lens of physical, mental, and social terms. However, an overlooked but vital piece of one’s health is the environment. This notion is especially true for the aging population and should be considered one of the most important factors when searching for a living community. The emergence of the pandemic and the collective quarantine has shown that one’s environment has a significant impact on their overall wellbeing; Covid-19 has proven to be an effective case study showing why our society should be concerned with the design of our living environments.

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