North Ottawa Community Hospital: A CORE Report Success Story

When Enviah first engaged with North Ottawa Community Hospital (NOCH) it had an outdated facility that was problematic at times for patients and staff. Hospital management knew they needed to make changes and they turned to Enviah to transform operations and the facility environment.

Enviah knew that to truly understand North Ottawa’s problems it needed to go beyond the age and state of the emergency department, but first needed to understand how the staff were working in the existing emergency department.

NOCH staff were invited to take Enviah’s CORE report, a research-backed survey and tool that quantifies staff perception of the culture, operations, responsibility, and environment of the emergency department.

The results were fascinating – the culture of North Ottawa was strong, with good relationships and highly motivated employees. Patient experience was high, but staff felt that materials, technology, and wayfinding were issues hindering their operations. It was no surprise that the environment had the lowest scores, with noise problems reported as most significant.

The CORE report allowed the team at NOCH to see where they needed to make big changes, not just to their environment, but to their operational processes as well.

The new North Ottawa Community Hospital’s emergency department opened this November. The design of the new facility was based on the results of the CORE report and the needs expressed by the staff. When the NOCH team retakes the CORE in 2017, we hope to see great improvement across the board.

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