Mary Free Bed Hospital: On the Path to Becoming the Nation’s Best

When Mary Free Bed first began planning for the expansion and renovation of their facility and services, there was one goal that everyone agreed on: becoming the nation’s best rehabilitation facility. Providing care to patients has always been a top priority. With new advancements, it was the hope that the quality of care would be heightened even further.

The design of the new facility, renovation of the existing building, and redesign of operations were all undertaken with this goal in mind. Enviah joined forces with Mary Free Bed to design the best experience not just for patients, but families and providers.

Staff collaboration was integrated into all of the services; break and respite spaces are shared so that staff can have impromptu meetings about patients. These shared spaces are designated for staff only, so privacy is always maintained. This addition maximizes efficiency and allows the staff to have important discussions related to their patients.

New systems allowing for maximum safety have also been integrated into all procedures. This includes equipment such as lifts. Providing systems to accommodate all types of patients is important for encouraging and supporting those in rehabilitation. Decentralized nurse stations allow for maximum visibility and observation of patients in inpatient care, which also heightens safety and creates a more personal, beneficial experience.

There is now a fully embedded residency program and every unit has dedicated space for residents that allows them to practice and learn at the forefront of patient care. This close proximity program allows residents to receive the best possible experiences that will greatly maximize learning. Residents are able to fully commit to their practices because they have a close, intimate look at patient care.

With a focus of efficiency and flexibility and new additions to equipment, operations and spatial design, Mary Free Bed is equipping its residents to thrive.

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