Building a culture of health: Transforming the environment to thrive. 

In September of this year, Dr. Lorissa MacAllister was a speaker at the American Heart Association West Michigan Wellness Symposium alongside Jennifer Kirby of Steelcase to discuss how to bring wellbeing into the workplace with a human-centered design approach.

Enviah works with organizations to better align the built environments with their organizational culture, creating a transformation in their systems. In this session, Dr. MacAllister discusses how the built environment can actually be a tool to help support organizations to thrive, and how Enviah works with our clients to create environments focused on being “healthy spaces” aimed to reduce stress and increase overall wellbeing.

Did you know?

Researchers state that in 2019, 77% of the US population reports that they feel higher physical symptoms of stress, and 33% of the US population feel they live with extreme stress ( Now that we are in 2020 and have been thrown into unprecedently stressful times, those numbers have undoubtedly increased tenfold.

Please note, the graphic above is an example slide noted in Dr. MacAllister’s presentation for the American Heart Association’s West Michigan Wellness Symposium: Session 3.

Now in 2020, those numbers have undoubtedly increased tenfold as we have been thrown into unprecedently stressful times.

As we enter the holidays, stress has increased even more. In the best of times, the holiday season can drastically increase your stress levels.

With COVID-19 numbers also rising along with stress levels, taking the time to improve your overall health through stress reduction as leaders in your organizations has never been more important.


Build a culture of health

Dr. MacAllister explains that in order to create a culture of health, organizations can follow three simple steps:

Value Health


Visualize Health


Practice Health

If you would like to learn more about how stress and your built environment can affect your health, watch Dr. MacAllister’s full West Michigan Wellness Symposium session with the American Heart Association in the video linked below:

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