Mary Free Bed Hospital: Creating an Inspirational Environment

Amazing things happen every day at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital. Patients in rehab need inspiration to make it through their healing journey. In the new and improved Mary Free Bed, patients can now see the activity happening around them. With visual access to the therapy gyms and captured images of other patients achieving their objectives all over the facility, seeing others accomplish their goals provides encouragement and inspiration. 

Therapy gyms are critical to rehabilitation. The new gyms are decentralized and specialized in order to provide a support space for every patient while also allowing others the ability to see the progress patients are making. This is encouraging for both the patients in rehabilitation and those who are able to watch their achievements because of the supportive atmosphere Mary Free Bed provides.

Getting back to daily activities is important too. The new campus of Mary Free Bed is designed so that lunch can be eaten outside on nice days and patients can go for a walk. Patients and families can play games in the day room, read a book in the solarium, pick up coffee in the café, catch a movie in the lobby after hours, or make cookies with their grandmother in the kitchen. All of these functions are things patients may not otherwise have been able to do while in rehab, thus giving them a deeper sense of freedom and encouragement. These amenities are beneficial to the patients and their families because it gives everyone a chance to relax and be at ease.

At Mary Free Bed, patients are able to get back into their daily routine quickly and successfully. This is an essential part to feeling like improvements are happening in rehabilitation. Being able to perform normal daily functions is yet another source of inspiration. Mary Free Bed truly is restoring hope and freedom to patients who may feel like a normal life is out of reach. The encouraging environment is one of the important ways Mary Free Bed reaches above and beyond for their patients.

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