Creating Humanistic Spaces: How Design can Promote Dignity

The new book, Dignity and the Organization, part of the Humanism in Business Series, available today, is the first to look at the topic of creating organizations that promote human dignity and management. In the wake of the recent election and the uncertainty of many of our future relationships, the release of the book is timely, as we each have the ability to live the example of human dignity.

This book addresses various topics focused on dignity from a humanistically-oriented perspective and puts them into an organization, management, social, and cultural context.

In particular Chapter 11, by Lorissa MacAllister, PhD and Delia Mannen, PhD takes the concepts of promoting dignity to the application of the built environment. They discuss how organizational choices pertaining to the design of physical space may support or negate the promotion of dignity. They investigate how organizations can incorporate the needs of the body, mind, and spirit to promote human dignity and support individuals to flourish.

Promoting human dignity does not reside in organizational policies; it can be supported within the physical environment by engaging the body, mind, and senses holistically through the physical design of a facility. A primary focus is the reduction of stress and anxiety. Environments, which include actual nature or scenes of nature, can promote calm and relaxation. Using the environment to help restore or provide respite during a busy day will improve performance and retention. The subtle changes of light levels and light quality can have a significant impact on the maintenance of circadian rhythms for staff that work extended evening shifts.

In this uncertain world, it is more important than ever to focus on human dignity and our responsibility to promote and encourage human dignity in our everyday lives. This book will help show you how.

Dignity and the Organization is available here.