Heroes without capes: Giving back to healthcare workers.

As we continue to confront an unprecedented crisis, the frontline workers of the world have continued to help others day in and day out.

The Enviah team wanted to thank the HealthCare Heroes that have made such a significant difference this year. We provided some holiday treats and healthy snacks to show our appreciation to our partners at Covenant HealthCare, Bronson HealthCare, Mercy Health St. Mary’s, and Metro Health | University of Michigan Health.

Because this year has been so challenging, we also wanted to help in reducing the stress of these heroes.

During this pandemic, the environment is chaotic, and working in these spaces and situations day in and day out can cause increasing work stress that in turn cause a significant reduction in staff’s ability to work at their best.

Stress is the primary barrier to health, but you can use your environment as a trigger to remind yourself that you are surrounded by elements that can actually help you restore, relax, reflect, revitalize, and renew. By following these steps, you can be supported by your environment, helping you persevere through the most challenging times. Dr. Lorissa MacAllister believes that by following four simple focuses can reduce stress and improve wellbeing for frontline workers while still in the facility they work. 

Use the environment around you as a tool to help reduce stress by following these steps to shift your body and mind toward health:


These practices are part of an app Dr. MacAllister co-created with TravelStoryGPS called “Healing Trails”. While the app is under development, visit the site to listen to a free demo today by visiting the website here: Healing Trails

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