Facebook Live with Dr. Wayne Jonas: Fixing Social Isolation at Work

As COVID-19 begins to finally wind down, we all might be feeling a bit strange getting back to work in the real world. Many of us worked from home for over a year with minimal interaction with others outside of our household, which has taken a toll on how we connect. Social isolation can affect all areas of our lives, especially our work.

Because isolation can have lasting effects on your psyche and health, Dr. Lorissa MacAllister and Dr. Wayne Jonas got together to discuss why this is an issue, and how you can help fix it.

3 Key Takeaways

What to consider if you might be suffering from isolation at work:

1. There is a marked difference between loneliness and isolation, and understanding that difference will help you understand how to minimize that feeling and connect with your coworkers.

2. There are real dangers that exist in remaining overly isolated while working.

3. We can safely engage in healing, social relationships at work by following a few simple steps.

Want to hear the details? Watch the full discussion below:


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