International Women’s Day 2021: Women in leadership

As our team brainstormed how to celebrate International Women’s Day this year, we could not help but feel an enormous amount of gratitude for the inspirational women leaders we have worked with over the past year. No matter the size of your organization, or where you reside in the world, we can transform the world if we join the conversation and lift up the women who inspire us.  

The United Nation’s theme for International Women’s Day this year of “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.” 

Following this theme and to celebrate International Women’s Day, we feel it is important to share the successes of other women and spotlight women who have inspired us and others to transform. Today, we provide a channel to spotlight these women, and invite everyone to join the conversation to talk about those who have inspired you! 

Follow along on our social media today to celebrate leaders from Metro HealthDominican SistersHenry Ford Macomb HospitalCovenant HealthCareBronson HealthCare, and Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, and be sure to comment on our blog or social media about a time you were inspired by women to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Enviah’s 2021 Women Leader Spotlights: 

Photo of Lori Price, COO of Metro Health

First up on our International Women’s Day Spotlight, the Enviah team would like to recognize Lori Price, Chief Operating Officer of Metro Health. Lori is a strategic leader who oversees the operations of Metro Health. As a former nurse, she is passionate about the delivery of care and the patient experience. Learn about Metro Health’s new pediatric location in the Grand Rapids Business Journal here, or visit their website: 


Photo of Sister Jarrett DeWyse, Campus Planning Director of Dominican Sisters - Grand Rapids

Next up on our International Women’s Day Spotlight, the Enviah team would like to recognize Sister Jarrett DeWyse, Campus Planning Director of Dominican Sisters Grand Rapids. Sister Jarrett is transforming her environment by leading the Marywood Campus Planning efforts. Learn more about the project on the Grand Rapids Business Journal here,or visit their website: 


Photo of Beth Charlton, future president and CEO of Covenant HealthCare

Next up on our International Women’s Day Spotlight, the Enviah team would like to recognize Beth Charlton, the future president and CEO of Covenant HealthCare. Beth transforms healthcare by envisioning and building a future that amplifies the ability to serve the community with excellent services and compassionate staff.Read about Beth’s upcoming role as president and CEO of Covenant Healthcare on MLive here, or visit their website: 


Photo of Ingrid Cheslek, Chief Operations Officer of Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital

Next up on our International Women’s Day Spotlight recognizes Ingrid Cheslek, MPA, BSN, RN, NEA-BC, Chief Operations Officer at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital. An accomplished nurse and leader, Ingrid’s passion always begins and ends with patients. She intuitively understands what clinicians need to excel and the transformative environments that promote collaboration and extraordinary patient care.Read about Ingrid being appointed as Mary Free Bed’s COO on the Grand Rapids Business Journal here, or visit their website:  


Photo of Barbara Rossman, president and CEO of Henry Ford Macomb Hospital

Next up on our International Women’s Day Spotlight, the Enviah team would like to recognize Barbara Rossman, president, and CEO of Henry Ford Macomb Hospital, Henry Ford Health System. Barbara transforms healthcare by creating a flexible inpatient care delivery environment that embraces the patient, inspires the staff, and supports the caregiver within the upcoming 5-story 160 bed North Tower.  Learn more about the project on the Macomb Daily here, or visit their website:   


Photo of Anne Wendling, Director of Surgical Services at Bronson HealthCare

Next up on our International Women’s Day Spotlight, the Enviah team would like to recognize Anne Wendling, Director of Surgical Services Bronson Healthcare. Anne transforms healthcare at Bronson by leading the efforts to ensure timely access, efficiency, and capacity for future growth in their multiple surgery locations. Anne and her team have been working with Enviah on a surgical services plan that will optimize the surgical volume and value for all locations while improving patient, staff, and surgeon satisfaction. Visit Bronson HealthCare’s website for more information: 


Photo with the following text: #TRANSFORMINGHEALTHCARE

As a Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) certified women-owned business, Enviah is intentionally active in supporting diversity within our operations and supporting qualified subcontracts. Additionally, we are active in the national network of women-owned businesses. In May 2020, during the height of the pandemic, Dr. Lorissa MacAllister received a grant from Wells Fargo to participate in a WBENC Training for women entrepreneurship and utilization of the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. Because of this opportunity, we continue to work with and among a diverse population of professionals in the industry.   

Following these beliefs, we seek to partner with any and all women and/or minority-owned consultants in order to be representative of the perspectives of all people in our society. The ability to work with diverse groups of professionals allows for innovation and inclusivity in all applications of our work. This is a large part of how our team transforms healthcare 



Thank you for celebrating and uplifting our women leaders this International Women’s Day! 

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