North Ottawa Community Hospital Aims to Make Care More Affordable

The November 16 ribbon cutting of the new North Ottawa Community Hospital (NOCH) marks a new opportunity for the Grand Haven, Mich. community. Through strategic planning and an intense focus on community need, the new NOCH emergency room will work to make medical care more affordable for the public.

Part of this cost savings will come from retraining patients who seek the right care at the right time, in the right setting. Collaboration with Mercy Health in Muskegon and Grand Rapids, and Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids has brought improved technology, equipment, and specialists to  Grand Haven, ensuring patients are able to stay in their community when they need emergent or primary care.

New testing protocols have been put into place ensuring that unnecessary and duplicate tests are eliminated, reducing cost and saving time. New operational procedures will also improve patient throughput and control costs.

All of the rooms in the new ER have been designed to be universal and flexible, allowing the amount of patient care space to double, improving the overall patient experience and reducing costs.

With all these new programs, spaces, and procedures North Ottawa Community Hospital is on the path to making care more affordable for all.


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