Mary Free Bed Hospital: Flexibility is the Key

At the newly expanded and renovated Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, giving hope to the patients is important to the healing process. In health care, patients often have to wander around a facility to meet with their different providers. This can be inefficient and sometimes difficult for the patients, so Mary Free Bed is focusing on increasing flexibility.

Flexibility in a health care setting is vital, allowing providers to see more patients by improving efficiency and maximizing use. It’s better for the patients too – multiple providers can see them more quickly and more effectively. Increased flexibility is beneficial in making the most out of time patients spend with their providers, which helps strengthen the effectiveness of rehabilitation.

At Mary Free Bed, services and treatments have been consolidated by type of treatment. This allows for full integration of all services and makes it possible for programs to come directly to the patient. This practice is time efficient and also provides patients a deeper sense of peace about their rehabilitation. For example, an exam room becomes a multi-functional space where speech therapy could also occur. The patient doesn’t have to move all over the facility to receive the care they need. Rather, the different therapy treatments can be performed in the same space.

At Mary Free Bed, it’s all about providing services at the point of care. Providers come to the patients. This increase in flexibility is just one more way that Mary Free Bed is restoring hope and freedom to patients by eliminating the time spent moving around.