While the Covid 19 pandemic is a terrible tragedy and has impacted over two hundred thousand people globally and rising daily, I see that we’re also now presented with an opportunity to be ushered into a truly technologically integrated world. In order to reduce the virus’s spread, 7 billion people on all 7 continents are forced to halt their daily lives. With a focus on flattening the curve of this virus, that effort, in turn, has truly flattened our world. And with that flattening, we’re in a global pause, which is an opportunity to live into the new void we find in our lives. We have a void in the place of commutes, social gathering, sporting events, travel, kids’ activities and school, and the list grows every day.

The global pause is an opportunity to live into the void and create the world we have been touting for years, one that’s technology integrated and flat (Friedman 2005). It’s noteworthy that we’re focused on flattening the virus, which as a by-product catapults us into the truly flat word of integrated technology and systems, that literally puts the world at our fingertips—and so, when we go all-in with technology, we can infuse meaning and live into the void of social activities. Scientists have been working for years to demonstrate the benefits of how technology can make us more productive, connected, and engaged. This is our moment to live in NOW and integrate the technology practices that will transform how we live, work and play. Classrooms are flipping overnight into online education, and conferences are livecasting to maintain the connectedness and progress that needs to continue. This void of in-person events offers space for us to build systems we have been trialing and not fully embracing as business leaders, such as remote work and virtual meetings.

Take the global pause time as an opportunity to explore the evidence-based technology practices and systems that are available to us all to learn a new skill or visit a place virtually. Deepen your businesses capability and reach with a technology rich system to transform yourself to live in the 21st century. This pandemic is our global inflection point to push us to swim in the new integrated ocean.

As a research scientist and a leader of a woman-owned small business that helps healthcare organizations transform their organization to better align the operations with building environments, I can’t help myself but see the opportunity all around us. Yes, it’s hard to weather this unknown future as we continue to hear reports and new developments on the virus. And, in the midst of the daily upheaval, I feel called to pivot our attention toward the opportunity and away from the panic and ongoing pandemic. Live into the new void and change YOUR daily life with integrated technology.

Stay safe and heed the direction from officials but REACH OUT to the world around us virtually! Engage. Share and LIVE this moment to transform!

Use the #Opportunity_Covid_19 and share how you have lived into the Opportunity

Over the next weeks we will share evidence-based OPPORTUNITIES of how to create engaging environments to improve: Remote work, Wellness, virtual visits and classrooms


Friedman, Thomas L. The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2005