North Ottawa Community Hospital: Providing Better Care

November 16 will mark the unveiling of North Ottawa Community Hospital’s (NOCH) new emergency department. This $9.6 million project will revitalize emergency services at the Grand Haven, Mich. hospital and become a community rallying point for better access to primary care physicians and mental health services. 

The new emergency department has doubled the number of patient rooms and trauma capacity and it now has specialized rooms for obstetrics/gynecology and ear nose and throat patients. NOCH now also has dedicated safe rooms to better manage situations where patients are in danger of harming themselves of others.

In the past, the team at North Ottawa noticed many of their new and repeat patients did not have primary care physicians. With this new collaborative emergency department, NOCH aims to reduce the number of patients without primary care providers by housing these providers on site, making NOCH a one-stop shop for health services.

Physical health is critical, but mental health is vital to a community too. By teaming with collaborative partners such as United Way, NOCH is dedicated to improving the mental health of the Grand Haven community.

Other community health services will include increasing the number of referrals for programs such as basic needs, housing, transportation and the new home visit program conducted by the emergency medical responders.

North Ottawa Community Hospital is dedicated to providing the best care for their patients and community and with the opening of the new emergency department, NOCH will be well on its way to achieving that goal.

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